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Surf-in’ to the future with Charleston eSurf where you learn from Trained Professional Evan Dinopoulos how to ride on an e-foil. This experience is for everyone, a must when visiting Charleston, one of the best ways to see landmarks up close while shredding through the rivers & ocean! Giving lessons to tourists of Charleston, in all beaches in the area. Folly, Isle of Palms, Sullivans island, Kiawah, and all rivers in between. As the fastest growing water sport in the Southeast, no prior experience is needed, if you can paddle board you can foil (but more fun 🙂
charleston hydro bike


Our water bikes take outdoor recreation and fitness to a whole new level. Now more than ever, people are looking to get outside for fun and fitness! Hydrobikes give you a real biking experience on the waters of Charleston. You can explore in comfort, safety, and at a pace you can enjoy. They are more stable than a paddleboard and we are the only place in Charleston that you can rent them from!


Any Questions Call, Text, or Email us! – Pay at the service site relative to your preference in scenery! Once someone has booked a time slot, have it blocked off so nobody can double book the same time

eSurf Pricing

1 person – 1 hr: $200          1.5 hrs: $275

2 people – 1 hr. $400          1.5 hrs: $525

3-5 people – 10% discount

6+ people – 15% off Foil parties


Hydrobike Pricing

$75 – per bike (up to 5 bikes): 1 hr ride


$95 – 1.5 hrs per bike (up to 5 bikes): 1.5 hr ride

Try It, Then Buy It

Get 1 free lesson then buy your board once you’ve mastered the ways of the water! With this code you can get one free carrying case worth $300. Charleston eSurf is partnered with Foil, inc producing the best boards in the world at an affordable rate. They are also American made so no crazy shipping fees or delays, get your board within 2 weeks!
Use code: ESURF to order your board and get a free $300 carrying case!


I was a bit nervous but my kids have been encouraging me to try new experiences. WOW! What an incredible experience. Evan was extremely knowledgeable and patient with me and it was a blast. A lot more fun then paddle boarding, kayaking, or jet sking. Evan made me feel like a rockstar. Next time I'm bringing my wife.

Bruce D

Such a cool experience! Evan was very patient and encouraging. Finally standing up on the Foil was a feeling I will never forget! Definitely coming back for a second session next time I’m in Charleston!

Kristen J

I was looking for something unique to do on vacation. This adventure looked like it was straight out of a James Bond or Mission Impossible movie. I have never surfed or paddle boarded and cannot swim. Following Evan’s instruction and encouragement, I was up on the board/hydro foil faster than expected. It was a blast to ride! If you are in Charleston and want a cool and unique experience, this is for you.

Marc D

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